Down the ages, our concept of education has undergone a gradual metamorphosis. Yet, the intrinsic values and principles have generally remained unchanged. While education always aimed to impart knowledge and develop the mind, the major function of education still remained to inculcate in the students, a desire to evolve in tune with the ever-changing societal needs. At KC Group of Institutions, we have always endeavored to make this process of integration harmonious, smooth and self-evolving.

The KC Campus provides the state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern facilities, may it be classrooms, laboratories, playgrounds, computer labs and everything else required for a conducive environment for academic & co-curricular activities. We would love to welcome your ward here and assure him of wonderful, calm and beautiful environs for his/her learning and help to place him/her in life productively and harmoniously in the service of the nation. At KCPS we believe, "to be truly educated is to have a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us".

The myriad opportunities which are available at school, allow the children to explore their latent talents, celebrate differences, make informed choices and develop an open mind with a spirit of inquiry. We endeavor to create a culture of excellence, develop leadership with a sense of fair play and team spirit. Our students are provided with many opportunities to engage with the community so as to make a positive difference in the world. They are encouraged to be humble in their interactions and sensitive to those around them. We value our children and help them develop strength of character, generosity of spirit, integrity of thought, word and action. We instill in them confidence to travel on their own exploratory journey and follow their true calling in life.

Wising you and your ward all the best!
Brig HS Bhandal CAC , KC Group of Institutions