Our faculty members works at the forefront , spreading out intellectual knowledge around the world.

We're proud of our faculty members who have ability to attract and make understand students with the highest calibre. Our success in competing for talent with other top-ranking schools is a mark of our international standing. And in turn, our faculty members enable us to create innovative programmes for our world-class students.

Staff List
Senior Wing
Sr No. Name Designation
1 Ms. Sapoorna Saini Principal M.Sc ( Chemistry)
2 Ms. Ashu Sharma Teacher MA,NTT
3 Ms. Sandeep Saini Teacher M.Com
4 Ms. Neena Chawla Teacher M.Com,B.ed
5 Ms. Rajwinder Kaur Teacher Msc,M.C.A,B.ed
6 Ms. Jyoti Bala Teacher M.A,B.ed
7 Ms. Meenu Kanda Teacher B.com,B.Ed
8 Ms. Ruchika Verma Teacher M.Com,B.ed
9 Ms. Pooja Teacher M.A,B.Ed
10 Mr. Ashwani Thakur Teacher M.A, M.Phil, B.ed
11 Ms. Munisha Rani Teacher M.P.Ed
12 Mr.Anil Kumar Teacher M.Sc,Bed
13 Ms. Parveen Lata Teacher MA,Bed
14 Ms. Gursharan Kaur Computer Teacher Msc IT,M.C.A,
15 Ms. Ruchi Kalia Teacher MA,Bed
Middle Wing
16 Ms. Taruna Bajaj Academic Coordinator BA,ETT
17 Ms. Sunita Rani Teacher Bsc. B.Ed
18 Ms. Ramandeep Kaur Teacher M.Sc(C.S)
19 Ms. Monika Sharma Teacher M.A B.Ed
20 Ms. Rajwant Kaur Cce Head MCA, PGDCA
21 Ms. Sulagna Banerjee Teacher BBA, B.A
22 Ms. Kulwant Kaur Teacher M.A B.Ed
23 Ms. Rajwinder Kaur Teacher BCA, B.Ed
24 Ms. Neetu Rani Teacher M.A B.Ed
25 Ms. Kiran Sobti Teacher B.A BE.d
26 Ms. Aman Kashyap Teacher B.sc. B.Ed
27 Ms. Isha Sehgal Teacher B.SC(Eco),B.Ed
Pre-Primary Wing
28 Ms. Kavita Academic Co-ordinator B.A
29 Ms. Rajvir Kaur Teacher B.Com,B.ed
30 Ms. Rajni Bala Teacher M.A,B.Ed
31 Ms. Sonam Teacher B.A,B.ed
32 Ms. Sheetal Teacher B.A.B.Ed
33 Ms. Parveen Kumari Teacher M.Sc(C.S)
34 Ms. Monu Chandel Teacher M.A,B.Ed
35 Ms. Monika Teacher B.A ,Dip of Music
36 Ms. Monika Rani Teacher B.A
Activity Teachers
37 Mr Hoshiar Singh Physical Education M.P.Ed
38 Mr. Sudesh Sport Teacher B.A,D.P.Ed
Office Staff
39 Ms. Sandeep Kaur Office Coordinator & Librarian B.Com,M.Lib Sci
40 Mr. Gurdial Singh Accountant M.A,B.Ed
41 Ms. Kulwant Kaur Accountant M.A,B.Ed
42 Mr. Harjinder Clerk Msc IT
43 Mr.Ram Lubhaya Store Incharge Matric
44 Ms. Surjit Kaur Nurse A.N.M