KCPians Pledge to make India Fit

KCPS joined the nation to witness the launch of 'FIT India Movement' by our honorable Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi in a live broadcast on 10.00 AM on 29th August 2019. Students of Classes 3 to 12 enjoyed the show that glorified & highlighted fitness as a part of the Indian Culture. The Prime Minister stressed on the fitness aspect and urged the young and the old to include it as a part of our day to day routine. Naman Soni of Class 12 said 'The mesmerizing sound & light show created a good contrast with the daily soaps shown on TV that make us lazy addicts' while Gurleen was inspired by the PMs Speech who encouraged children to take small steps to make India Fit.

The Principal Mr. Gurjeet Singh stated that children are the future of the nation and involving them is one way to make the campaign a success!!