Non Flame Cooking Experience For Kindergarten

"The greatest dishes are very simple".
To develop the skill of non flame dishes, an activity cooking without fire was organised in the kindergarten wing of KC Public School Nawanshahr . Non fire cooking can be a lot of fun. Involving kids and bonding with them is a wonderful deed. The activity was an amalgamation of knowledge and entertainment that helped the children to perceive the importance of conserving energy and nutritional value of food cooked without fire. The little ones made delicious Tropical Salads, Oreo delights and butter sandwiches under the guidance of their teachers without the use of fire. They discovered that cooking can be creative, easy and safe in this manner for them. Respected Principal, Mr. Gurjeet Singh also enjoyed the yummy taste of tropical salad made by little ones. He explained to kids that cooking without fire is as much fun as it is to eat the yummy delights that result from the experience.