Sports Day 2020

"We at KCPS strongly believe that for the holistic development of a child, sports are equally important as academics" said by our Principal Gurjeet Singh,

In recognition of the importance of sports in a child's life, Kindergarten and Pre-primary wing celebrated its Annual Sports Day at the campus today.During the fun-filled day, students participated in various races, drills, and exercises with full enthusiasm. Kids were enthralled in innovative races like clear the track, pour the water, bag pack race, balloon race, hoopla race and folding the newspaper. It was exhilarating seeing the little ones enjoying the day.Vice Chairperson of K C Group of Institutions ,Sheveta Gandhi, Principal of K C Global Dagham, Ved Vrat Palha, were present to grace the Occasion. We were delighted to see the enthusiasm among both parents and children as the fun-filled day came to an end. There were many races for parents also. Parents wholeheartedly participated in the games.The motive of parents involvement was to rejevunate them from the daily stress.