The school celebrated 'THE GRANDPARENTS DAY' today with great zeal and enthusiasm. Around grandparents of 150 children took active participation in the event. Grandparents were honoured with TILAK at the entrance upon their arrival. A special 'SELFIE CORNER' was made for the grandparents to click pics with their grandchildren and keep them as cherished memories. The event started with traditional lamp lighting followed by reciting of Gayatri Mantra. The stage was rocked by mesmerizing performances of children which included songs and dances. The grandparents were awestruck at the Bhangra performance by small kids. But the most exciting part was the participation of the grandparents in various fun-filled and enthralling games. There was a question-answer round, followed by potato peeling and identifying pulses (blindfolded) rounds. Grandparents enjoyed and participated in the activities with a lot of zeal and high energy level. They said that the school has taken a great initiative by involving grandparents along with grandchildren. The Principal, Mr. Gurjeet Singh, emphasized on the importance of moral values amongst children and said that the bond of grandparents with their grandchildren is most important in working for it. The function culminated with the recital of National Anthem.