Workshop on abacus and vedic mathematics-2019

"We entirely understand the importance of a child’s growth.Wherein we foster child's learning through joint efforts of parents and the school." Keeping this in mind KC Public School organized a Abacus Orientation workshop for teachers and students in collaboration with Ms. Gurmit Sachdeva from MI ABACUS. In this workshop students were made aware about the wonders of Abacus and Vedic Mathematics and how it can be useful for them to perform the calculations faster. The abacus teachers told students that abacus will help to guide them about their potential. From this orientation, students learnt about brain development and how the neuroscience findings are linked to the abacus training. Learning Mental Maths develops the skill of mental calculation, provides a sense of achievement as one's proficiency improves, increases confidence, develops the left and right brain tremendously, promotes intuitive thinking, enhances creativity and problem-solving, expands mental and memory capacity and improves concentration and mental endurance. Overall, the workshop was very interactive. A few glimpses are here..