Principal, KC Public School

"Escalating beyond the excellence is our vision"

In the present scenario education has to broaden its horizon. We have to produce not only educated and dynamic individuals but adults with a comprehensive outlook, sensitivity and commitment to unravel the miracles of creation. In our journey towards innovation and improvement , we are thriving to add laurels to our school by introducing important key learning areas at Pre-Primary to G-12 level. We have introduced activity based learning in the classrooms which is beyond the textbooks. I assure that in KCPS the newly introduced learning skills would not only develop the child's creative, aesthetic, critical and logical thinking but would also strengthen physical and moral behaviour.

At KCPS, we continually aim for holistic development of children because these pearls will ignite the spark of knowledge, growth and attainment.

May God bless my all pearls with uncountable leaps ahead!