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Everything you want to know About KC Public School

Below you’ll find answers to our most commonly asked questions.
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When does the Academic Session start for 2022-23?

The Academic Session will normally be from 1st April 2022 to 31st March 2023, subject to COVID Guidelines. Summer vacation is from 1st week of June till 2nd week July (about 40 days) , and Winter vacation is of Two weeks in December/January. (Subject to COVID Guidelines)

Can an Application for Admission/ Registration be filed Online?

The online Application can be filed at [link to webpage]

What is the Admission Process?

The Admission is done on the basis of an assessment of the Child’s aptitude and the stage at which the Child is admitted in the School and after an interaction with the Principal.

What documents are required for Admission of a Child in KCPS?

The following self-attested documents are required to be submitted by the Parents seeking admission of the Child:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Transfer Certificate from previous school (Original)
  • Report Cards of last year
  • Six Passport size photographs
  • Aadhar Card
  • Medical Certificate
My Child is still underage. Can I register for his Admission for 3 years in advance?

You may get your Child/ Ward Registered for Admission for later years. Details can be had from the School Prospectus  

Will my Child have any free time at the School or is every minute of the day regimented and organized? That's one of our main concerns.

The learning process at KCPS extends beyond the class rooms. Although not every minute of a student’s day is regimented, we do require students to participate in a sport or other school activities, and chances are no matter what interests your child, there will be something for him to enjoy.

I have heard that sports are compulsory at boarding schools. My son isn't good at sports but he's a very able Guitar player.

Yes, Sports are compulsory. We encourage our students to play one or the other sport. At KCPS, there is a little something for every child that has an interest in contact or non-contact sports.  Furthermore, there are different levels of competition in each sport so that your child can compete against his/her peers with similar athletic abilities.

There are excellent opportunities for students if they have an interest in other extracurricular activities like Dance, Music or Theater. We have a well – stocked Music Room. Your child is welcome to sharpen his talent for Guitar.

What kinds of sports facilities are available in the school?

There is a plethora of Sports opportunities at KCPS that include Swimming, Cricket, Football, Athletics, Gymnastics, Basket Ball, Volleyball, Tennis, Badminton, etc.

Why should I consider a boarding school instead of a day school?

With the present sedentary lifestyle of children and the dominance of technology over mankind, children spend most of their time on gadgets and indoor games. A boarding school helps a child to overcome these challenges by engaging a child physically and mentally in a constructive, disciplined and innovative environment. As a result, the child grows up to be a competitive, academically sound and a responsible individual. 

We promote a Balanced Personality Development of each Child entrusted to our care.

Why Co-Education, and why not Single Gender? What are the advantages of Co-Ed?

A Co-Ed Campus promotes gender equality and teaches the child to respect the other gender. It removes shyness, fear and also increases confidence. One has to be able to work with different genders, cultures, family backgrounds, traditions and nationalities in every aspect. Co-education results in young adults who are open minded, well-rounded, and willing to step outside of their comfort zone.

What are the curricula/ affiliations offered at the school?

KCPS is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Affiliation No.  1630264

Does the School provide any Scholarships for Meritorious Students?

There is a Comprehensive Policy of Merit Scholarships.

How different is the KCPS teaching from the Traditional School, and how does it help the student?

Traditional education systems are largely textbook-driven and teacher-directed and the students are, by and large, passive learners. The emphasis is on teaching, testing and the exam results, rather than learning and the process of learning.

At KCPS, on the other hand, we lay emphasis on meaningful continuous learning and concentrate on the application of knowledge to real life. The curriculum is delivered with a student-centric approach and students share the responsibility for their learning with teachers as facilitators. With Smart Classrooms at a certain level, students are encouraged to learn by self- motivation.

The KCPS programme is also different in that it integrates Music, Dance, Drama, Arts, Robotics Technology, Sports and Community Service into its Timetable in order to deliver a holistic education.

My Child is a slow learner. What kind of extra academic support can my child get? And at what additional cost if any?

For Children who need additional academic support, there are one hour remedial/tutorial sessions after classes, Monday through Friday. There is evening Study Preps as well, to provide students with extra time for academic reinforcement.

There is no extra charge.

What opportunities does the school provide beyond academics to augment learning?

Students undertake activities that encourage personal discovery and growth, skill development, physical recreation, perseverance, responsibility to themselves and service to the community. A range of sports and games, a variety of clubs and programmes provide ample opportunities for all these.

How do Parents stay in touch with their Wards?

KCPS allows the Parents to speak to the Child on Phone once a week However, in special case; the Child can be contacted through the Principal.
The Child is encouraged to write a letter each week to the Parent in the normal course.
Apart from the same, the Parent may contact the School Representative (Counselor/ Warden) to know about the Child’s progress.

What kind of Medical Support system does the school have?

A 4 – bedded School Infirmary is located within the School Campus. An experienced and trained nurse is available 24 hours to provide medical support as and when required. A regular Pediatrician is available on a short notice. School also has arrangements with nearby Hospitals for hospitalization, diagnostics and other emergencies, if so required or necessitated. In such a case, the Parent is immediately informed

Is there a strong Discipline Policy in place?

Adherence to Rules & Regulations is an important aspect of learning. Any violation of the school’s norms entails strict disciplinary action. It is the policy of KCPS that all cases of violation will be handled with sensitivity and fairness.

How do you ensure zero bullying in the Hostels?

KCPS has a zero tolerance policy against Bullying which is clear to all Children and the staff. Moreover, we have created an ethos of good behavior where Children treat one another and the school staff with respect because they know that this is the right way to behave.

What is the school’s policy on Substance abuse?

KCPS follows a Zero- Tolerance policy for substance abuse in any form. All food articles are checked under strict control and nothing objectionable can enter the School Campus.

What type of food is served? Is outside food allowed?

We work hard to provide Vegetarian and Non- Vegetarian, hygienically prepared high quality nutritious meals for our diverse Children. The mess serves various international Cuisines. All food is routinely checked by a qualified dietitian to ensure nutrition.

No food from outside is permitted in the campus

We are a purely vegetarian family. How will you respect our child’s food preference?

Vegetarian food is part of the Cuisine.

Can students bring their own Music System, Laptops, Smartphones, Iron, Kettle or Jewellery?

Students are not allowed to bring any kind of electronic equipment. Mobile Phones are strictly banned.
No Jewellery is permitted to be worn by the Girls, except earrings of a reasonable size.

How many school outings are there in a year?

Travel broadens the mind. The school organizes one Domestic and one International Tour during the term. However, tours are subject to COVID guidelines enforced from time to time.
Parents can take their children for night – outs 4 times in an academic year on dates specified in the calendar. This however is not encouraged.

How is KCPS different from the already existing Residential Boarding Schools?

KCPS, like some other High-end Residential Schools, has an aesthetically designed Campus, and an elaborate infrastructure. However, KCPS is different on account of the following reasons:

  • It ensures openness, celebrates diversity and creates a multicultural learning community
  • It is a GREEN School. Only 10% of KCPS campus is constructed. Rest 90% is maintained as green space for the benefit of our community and the environment
  • KCPS endeavors to produce excellent result and pass percentage every year.
  • It emphasizes the process of, and meaningful learning, rather than just passing the examination
  • Its Founders, Faculty and Staff members represent diverse backgrounds and cultures
  • Its Special Educational Needs department is headed by qualified, trained, experienced and certified staff.
  • Its Second languages programme is staffed by native speakers of the languages.
How can I keep track of my child’s growth at the school?

A student’s progress is regularly monitored through Formative and Summative assessments and parents are regularly updated on their child’s progress.

Parents are also provided with the regular Parents/Teacher Meeting Schedule, which may be twice in a Year.

How can overseas parents be assured that their children will not be discriminated against?

We at KCPS believe that being international is a state of mind that goes beyond flags, festivals, and food. At KCPS it means:

  • Encouraging candid discussions about sensitive local and global issues like racism, discrimination, human rights, etc.
  • Actively encouraging the appreciation of other countries and their cultures
  • Accepting differences of opinion and ways of thinking
What is the school’s policy on Eatables being sent with/given to the child?

The school advises parents not to send any eatables or tucks with the child as these are strictly prohibited.

What is the school’s policy on Cash and valuables being sent with/given to the child?

The school strongly advises against sending cash and valuables with students, as these are prohibited and will be confiscated if found.

Is the schedule for working days the same as that of Sundays and Holidays?

We have a different schedule for Sundays and Holidays that emphasizes on recreation and relaxation. Occasionally, Events, Activities & Workshops are planned for these days.

When can I visit my child? And whom should I contact for this purpose?

Parents may visit their child on specified Parent Visit days as given in the School Prospectus, after giving advance intimation to the Principal

What are compulsory Family Vacations?

Compulsory Holidays include Summer Vacations & Winter Vacations.

When and how often can I contact or meet with my child’s teachers

Parents may visit the School once in a Term to attend the Open-Houses and Parent Teacher Meetings according to the schedule specified in the School Handbook, where they can discuss their child’s academic progress and overall development with the Teachers

Will my Child have access to a Phone/Internet?

Children are not allowed to carry phones with them but are allowed to make and receive phone calls during specified hours. Students have supervised access to the internet according to a specified schedule, and are also given access to digital and virtual resources for academic purposes through the media centre and computer labs.

What arrangements are permitted to celebrate my child’s Birthday in school?

We understand that birthdays are special occasions for children. While we do not accommodate leave requests, we do remember to have a small Birthday Party for the Child in the Hostel. Further celebrations are not permitted, given that the school celebrates their birthdays in the evening in the hostel itself, with cake and refreshments provided.

I’m a Single Parent of a Girl Child. Is there any fee concession applicable to my Child?

We have a comprehensive policy of Fee Concessions. Details are available in the School Prospectus.

Are there any special concessions for Girls?

All Girl Students are entitled to a Fee Concession for every Academic Year. Details are in the School Prospectus.

Are there any Concessions available if I Register my Child’s Admission in February 2022?

We have a policy of giving Concessions to ‘Early Bird’ Registrations for Registrations done on or before 15th of February 2022.