Food And Nutrition


A healthy body houses a healthy mind.

The Mess Food provides the child with appropriate nutritional supplements so as to enable his/her body to grow and be fit and healthy. The School has kept high standards for hygiene and nutrition for every child.

During the day, the School provides four regular meals, and all meals are prepared & served to the students within the Hostel Complex. The Meal menu is based on the advice of our in- house nutritionist with stress on providing a balanced diet, with variety in preparations & occasional additions in both veg/non-veg sections.

The cooking of meals is supervised by Mess In charge & precautions are taken to ensure fresh and healthy food is served always.

Arrangements for special diet can be made for children on medical advice.


A typical weekly menu looks like this

Morning Breakfast   

Cornflakes, /Porridge with Milk, Paneer for Veg & Two Eggs for Non-veg

Morning Recess

Fruit Juice


Rice/Chappatti, Two vegetables,Dal, curd/Raita, Green  Salad

Evening Tea

Seasonal Fruit/Tea/Coffee/Namkeen


Rice/Chappati, One Vegetable, Sweets, curd / Chicken  for Non veg & Paneer preparation for Veg.


A Glass of milk before going to Bed.

  • The Menu is subject to Change due to Seasons.
  • All Saturday evenings have Special Dinners & all Wednesday European lunch is served.
  • South Indian food is served once a fortnight.